Spice Meat Shop

At Spice Meat Shop, We begin by selecting only the finest cuts of meat. We have scoured the Lower Mainland looking for the right products. After putting years into perfecting our marinades and spices, we refuse to put our product on anything other than the highest quality meat available. As a result of our endeavours, we use only the freshest and most prime cuts of meat.

Our goal is simple: We aim to bring the authentic and mouth-watering tastes of the word renowned tandoor huts of Punjab into your home!

For years, Spice Meat Shop family has been perfecting recipes passed down from generation to generation. Our recipes are closely guarded family secrets and although we won’t share our methods, we will tell you a little about our products.

Next, we prepare our ultra-secret marinades. Most of these take several days to prepare, as we have very specific times at which certain herbs and spices are added. This is done to maximize the flavour. Each item added to the mix serves a purpose, and generations of our family have devoted themselves to getting the most out of each herb and spice we use at Spice Meat Shop.

Last but certainly not least, we marinade our cuts. Like everything else, we’ve perfected a precise formula for our marinations. Each cut of meat has been assigned a different marination time to ensure maximum flavour.

What’s the result of all of this effort you ask: The most flavourful and unique meat you will find outside of Punjab!

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